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  Satellite Antenna -- Simulsat_CKu
Multibeam Earth Stations    Simulsat C/Ku
    • Up to 3 Times Improved Surface Tolerance Performance Over Standard Simulsat 5
    • 4 Panel Design Allows For Improved Shippability - Lower Costs
    • State-of-the-Art CNC Tooling (Computer Numerical Control)
    • Laser Verified Tolerances
    • Better Adjacent Satellite Performance
    • Fixed Antenna With No Moving Parts to Service
    • Commercial Quality Composite Construction
    • Programming Movement: Due to Constant Satellite Programming Changes, Simulsat Users Can Add Another Feed Without Having to Purchase Another Antenna
    Simulsat C/Ku is the world's only antenna that can simultaneously receive signals from up to 35 satellites within a 70° view arc, with equal performance on each satellite. Since an increasing number of applications require multiple satellite reception, return on initial investment is immediate. Simulsat C/Ku is the only antenna you will need.
    • Improved C & Ku Band Performance, Particularly Ku-Band
    • Increases Revenue Stream - Allows Cable Operators to Pick Programming from 20,000-Plus Channels
    • Lowers Overall Costs - Return on Initial Investment is Immediate
    • Requires Less Space - Simulsat is the size of 2 Parabolics., Approximately 3 Parking Spaces
    • Aesthetics - Curbs Real Estate Costs - Best Alternative to Antenna Farms
    • Outperforms Parabolic Retrofits - Simulsat Receives, With Uniform Performance, Signals from all Satellites Within a 70 Degree View Arc.
    • Broadcasters
    • Cable Television
    • Universities/Distance Learning
    • Television and Radio
    • Military/Government
    • Corporations
Specifications: Simulsat C/Ku Multibeam Antenna

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