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  Satellite Antenna -- 01.11.1m C-Band Antenna 655-0026A
Model 11.1m Cassegrain Antenna
    The VertexRSI 11.1-meter antenna delivers exceptional performance for transmit/receive and receive only applications in L through DBS-band frequencies. This antenna offers a reflector design that incorporates precision-formed panels, truss radials and hub assembly. It features an innovative Cassegrain feed and subreflector design which results in high gain, low noise temperature, high antenna efficiency and excellent rejection of noise and microwave interference. A large center hub provides spacious accommodation for equipment mounting. The reflector is supported by a galvanized elevation over azimuth kingpost pedestal that provides the required stiffness for pointing and tracking accuracy. The pedestals are designed for full orbital arc coverage and are readily adaptable to ground or rooftop installations. The electrical performance is compliant with FCC and ITU-RS-580 sidelobe specifications and Intelsat (B, C) and Eutelsat requirements.
    • Aluminum reflector panels
    • Galvanized steel backup structure
    • Fully interchangeable reflector components
    • Compliant with FCC and ITU-RS-580 requirements
    • Designed for 1.5 to 18 GHz operation
    • Standard two and four port Tx/Rx and Rx only feeds
    • Feed systems are factory assembled and tested
    • Jack screws in azimuth and elevation
    • Galvanized steel elevation over azimuth pedestal
    • Survives 125 mph winds in any position
    • Lightning arrest rods included
    • Foundation hardware kit included
    • L, S, C, X, Ku and DBS-band feed configurations
    • C/Ku receive only feed systems
    • CP/LP manual or remote switchable feeds
    • Specialized feed systems (e.g., extended, multi-band)
    • Antenna control system with tracking
    • Reflector and feed deicing systems
    • Environmental hub configurations
    • Integrated transmit cross-axis kits
    • Integrated LNA or LNB systems
    • HPAs, converters and M&C systems
    • Packing for sea and air transport
    • Turnkey installation and testing or assistance
    • X-band low PIM reflector/feed configurations
    • Extended azimuth travel
    • High wind configuration
    • Low operating temperatures
    • High power configurations
    • Extended continuous azimuth travel
Technical Specifications

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