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  Semi Active Intecept -- GT7-002 GSM Intercept Specification
ComsTrac GT7-002 A5/1 GSM Specification List
    1. The GSM Monitoring System is compact, robust and portable. It is completely invisible to the network and targets alike and has the capability to monitor subscribers effectively within a cell. It is possible to monitor two-way communication of the calls from mobile network. The system can provide the facility to monitor both mobile originated and mobile terminating calls to and from cellular/PSTN network. The system is laptop computer based with facility to organize database for storage info pertaining to mobile subscribers and their intercepted calls. The qualitative requirements for the GSM Monitoring System are as given below:
System Features:
    2. The system has the following features:
    a. Hybrid Pasive 900 & 1800 dual band simultaneous GSM intercept with option to add 1900PCS at later date.
    b. Able to intercept all voice and sms on networks using A5/0, A5/2, A5/1 and potentially the new A5/3.
    c. Able to guarantee that all encrypted calls will remain encrypted and show no open lock on the target handsets.
    d. Is totally invisible to network operator and work completely independently of network operator and also be invisible to target.
    e. Has "No" diversion of sim card or call charges.
    f. Allows simultaneous recording of voice and sms of minimum 4 duplex target calls in same target cell area and up to maximum 6 simultaneous targets.
    g. Will not miss target calls once the target is registered into the Hybrid network even when all channels are occupied.
    h. Is delivered in full transportable packaging, meeting all airline requirements for hand baggage size and to be carried in maximum 3 hand baggage cases including all power supplies and antennas and cables.
    i. Is supplied with full vehicle power inverters and allow covert system operation from any size of vehicle.
    j. Is able to operate in static and possible moving conditions with maximum range in suitable conditions of at least 2km for duplex voice recording and capture.
    k. Has immediate capture of target and random KC, IMSI, IMEI and TMSI numbers provided that network transmits such numbers, even in standby mode and also to provide target and random physical mobile user telephone numbers.
    l. Has automatic data base recording and named file system, with simple conversion and transfer to other systems.
    m. Has database comparison software allowing common IMSI, IMEI, to be highlighted and show same target in 2 areas.
    n. Provides immediate presentation of "Call From Number" and "Call To Number" and also SMS numbers.
    o. Can capture and record all target and random incoming, outgoing voice calls, SMS messaging and DTMF tones.
    p. Has the ability to change the identity of one handset under the system control into the identity of a known target handset to allow diversion or duplicity (Provided that Network operations allow).
    q. Has the ability to block all outgoing calls and SMS messages of either single targets or complete captured database, and (network allowing) blocking of all incoming calls and SMS messages.
    r. Has the ability to make system based telephone calls using identity of captured IMEI/IMSI within system network.
    s. Has the ability to manipulate caller or receiver voice and volume through the system software and be able to insert system user voice as conference call within same live conversation.
    t. Is able to send what appear to be Network SMS Messages to target handsets captured within the system network.
    u. Is able to send what appear to be valid SMS messages from third party handsets not even controlled by the system, to handsets within the system network.
    v. Can send SMS text messages to any handset anywhere in the world using the identity of a handset captured within the system network.
    w. Has the ability of online software checking and upgrade.
    x. Has the option of secure VPN connection for secure Internet operation of multiple systems based in different areas, different cities or different countries.
    y. Can utilise the VPN secure network to create a global network of GSM systems and handing over handsets from one country network to another in order to improve system performance.
    z. Includes a localised direction finder system with covert antenna.
    aa. Can add a possible dual band jammer that can be tuned to jam single GSM channels that may be too powerful to allow the GSM intercept to operate successfully in a particular area.
    bb. Can add a possible 30 watt (Giving 40 watt overall output) dual band amplifier for extended operating range.

    3.Performance Features:
    a. Monitoring Range: Up to 2-5Km in optimal conditions and up to 500m in City Area.
    b. Encryption: Decoding of A5/0, A5/2 & A5/1 and variants of these encryption standard algorithms whilst maintaining active encryption in the subscriber handsets.
    c. Scanning ability:
        i. The system is able to scan the cellular area within range of the directional antennas in order to capture and identify the target subscribers.
        ii. Capability to listen to minimum 4 active channels and record conversations of all targets.
        iii. Number of subscribers that can be monitored simultaneously up to 1000 live handsets without system degradation.
        iv. Subscribers identification by any form of transmitted id such as IMEI, IMSI.
        v. Number of voice recorders for audio recording of targeted numbers minimum 4 with maximum 6.

    4.Software Features:
    a. Operating system: Windows XP/XP Pro with minimum 2gb Ram.
    b. Display the following data: Calling and Called numbers if available on the network.
        i. IMSI, IMEI numbers if available.
        ii. Start/End date and time of intercepts.
        iii. Mobile operators operating within the area with their Network MMC codes, LAC numbers and strengths, base stations, channels and relative strengths.
    c. Scanning ability to identify potential targets in the area.
    d. Simple to use targeting system. Ability to target a mobile based on its IMSI and IMEI.
    e. Conversion of recordings to WAV format for ease of listening and porting.
    f. Installation disks for all software on CD-Rom and complete technical literature.

    5.Database and Recording Requirements: database for targeting info with a simple GUI.Features enumerated below:
    a. It should be possible to store intercepted conversations on hard disc in suitable format.
    b. It should be possible to manage the stored conversations and easily manage the database system.
    c. It must have the facility to create a database of targets to cater for minimum 1000 subscribers.
    d. It should be possible to search for given targets within the database.
    e. It should be possible to extract calls recorded under target identification quickly out of the database.
    f. Conversion to wav format for ease of listening and porting. Ability to transfer wav files to CD or external HD or memory stick for portability.

    6.System Configuration:
    a. Packing: In maximum three ruggedised cases, fitted with wheels and suitable for hand carrying on any airline.
    Packing cases HPRC 2550W with internal carry bag and external camouflage (backpack)
    Dimensions: 350 x 545 x 230mm
    Protection: Drop / Impact / Handle / Watertight / Integrity / UV Colour and Material protection.
    Approvals: ATA 300, IP67, STANAG 4280, DS 81-41
    b. PC: IBM Lenovo Laptop with latest processor and 2gb of RAM. Suggested T60, Minimum Centrino Duo T2500 2Ghz Processor, 2Gb RAM, 160Gb HDD
    c. Individual 900 &1800Mhz BTS with up to 15w output each unit once connected to required antennas.
    BTS Dimensions: 290 x 260 x 110mm (Dual Band = 2 units)
    Emulator Dimensions: 290 x 260 x 75mm
    d. Antennas: Directional antennas with minimum 9db gain and fitted with suitable method of window mounting.
    Antenna Dimensions: 132 x 160 x 45mm (2 units per band)
    e. Hand held direction finding unit with covert body worn directional antenna.
    f. Optional directed GSM jammer programmable to jam specific GSM Channels.
    g. Optional directed 3G jammer to cut 3G transmissions and allow handsets to be directed through 2G GSM operations.

    7. Electrical Specifications:
    a. Acceptable voltage: 110-240 V AC, 12-24V DC
    b. Power Inverters:12V DC, 300W max, 50Hz

    8. Mechanical Specifications:
    a. Weight: Less than 45Kg including all packaging
    b. Shock resistance: Adequate to resist effects of repeated vehicular transportation.

    9.Environmental Specifications:
    a. Operating temp: -5 to 45 deg. C.
    b. Storage temp: 0 to 50 deg. C.
GT7-002 GSM Intercept Technical Data:

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