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  Semi Active Intecept -- GSM Intercept A51 Presentation 2008
CTS GSM Intercept Systems
    • Invisible intercept of A5/2 GSM conversation
    • Invisible intercept of A5/1 GSM conversation
    • Invisible intercept of SMS
    • Archived Data Base Recording
    • Exportable Recording Files
    • Portable and Tactical
    • Capture of localised GSM Network Information

    • Capture of Targeted and Random Voice
    • CTS GSM provides the following features
    • Control of Forward and Reverse Voice Channels
    • Control of SMS messages
    • Automatic computation of session key (Kc) in real time for A5/1 and A5/2 algorithms without disclosing traces to subscriber
    • Recording to Hard Disk of Voice Sessions, SMS messages and call related information
    • Subscribers location finding relative to the base station using RF locator
    • Possibility of substituting dialled number to diverted number, if accepted by network
    • Proper operation of system through Frequency Hopping mode
    • Targeted SMS sending and call making from the system
    • Full targeted recording through TMSI, IMSI and IMEI identification

    • The System Main Application Window
      Indicator of BTS operation
      Indicator of Cipher operation
      Registered Subscribers List
      Button to call up BTS operation
      Recorder window
      Target Window
      Active BTS window
      Paging Channel
      Mobile stations window
      Protocol window

    • The system specification
      The CTS GSM intercept is supplied with the following parts and accessories:
      Single or Dual Band GSM Receivers built into lightweight portable box
      Single or Dual Band GSM BTS booster built into lightweight portable box
      IBM Laptop computer with 2Gb Ram and full operating software for GSM Intercept
      Dual band GSM high gain directional antennas
      220V and 12V power supply and conversion
    • The system can be delivered with specification for 4 - 12 Duplex channels.
    • The number of simultaneous targets/calls that can be recorded is equal to the number of duplex channels.

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