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  Passive GSM Intercept -- CTS GSM A51 Passive Intercept
    The A5/1 encryption is a stream cipher used to provide over-the-air (OTA) communication privacy in the GSM cellular network system for all GSM handset users, it is supposed to be highly secure from Off Air attacks.
    This system make it possible to have invisible, real time deciphering of GSM traffic with KC evaluation for all forms of government operations requiring such interception.
     The ComsTrac GSM system is able to operate with all GSM providers, that encrypt OTA data by using A5.1 ciphering.
    The A5.1 decipher unit is controlled by laptop computer, it is responsible for deciphering the targets unique Kc number and then communicates with the ComsTrac CTSGSM receiver system allow full demodulation of Voice and SMS.
    The ComsTrac Passive GSM system and A5/1 Decipher unit can be connected either directly by LAN cable, wirelessly using any available communication means (GPRS, UMTS, satellite link, etc.) and via highly encrypted secure Internet VPN connection.
    The A5/1 decipher unit can serve more than one ComsTrac CTS Passive system. It is a typical server-client application. Usually the A5/1 decipher unit is located in the department headquarters connected to the Internet with a static IP address whilst the GSM Interception system(s) can be located virtually anywhere in the world.

How does it work?
    * The ComsTrac GSM system starts listening to the OTA data and sends it to A5/1 decipher unit via encrypted bit stream - usually one encrypted burst derived from the forward (down link) channel.
    * The ComsTrac A5/1 decipher unit calculates the ciphering key Kc of the target handset and sends it back to the main ComsTrac CTS GSM system.
    * The ComsTrac GSM CTS system implements the Kc within the software operation and decrypts communication of the target. With the Kc information already obtained, the intercept and decryption is an almost immediate process.
    * The ComsTrac CTS GSM system can monitor all GSM data traffic in real time and save it on the hard disk. As with all ComsTrac CTS GSM intercept systems, it is possible to play back voice conversations and read all protocol messages, including SMS.

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